A- Plus- Homecare (Home Care From The Heart )

Health care Tips of the Week

Home Safety


Staying in your home is always the ultimate option if you are able to, as long as possible.  It is the best first option depending on your situation. Our nursing home facilities are at their limit and there are waiting lists.  The home option offers, familiar surroundings and comfort and keeps more independence in place, while knowing a service provider is close on hand to give support. 


Here is few  suggestions  down below

  • *Remove loose rugs that can cause you to trip and fall.
  • * Remove as much clutter off the floor as possible so you have a clear path when walking from room to room.
  • * Install safety railings where possible or where they are needed, such as entrances, stairs or inclines. 
  • * Bath tubs and showers can be a challenge when we get older and our balance is not as good. Installing hand bars in these areas is a must, to prevent slipping and falling in the shower. A bath bench or chair is also a good thing to have while trying to bath or shower. It helps with standing fatigue and back issues , while also helping prevent  slips and falls as well while washing . Install a rubber bath mats as well to prevent slipping. 

Your Health

Staying mobile is the key to good health

Staying as active as possible is the key to keeping your mobility, and being active just means moving. Walking , stretching, and passive motion is the key keep our muscles engaged and activated.

*Drinking lots of water is vitally important to keep your body hydrated in order to function properly.  Cleansing your kidneys, lubricating our joints, and maintaining healthy skin, which is our main immune system defense. 

*Taking your medications at the right scheduled times.

In your corner


Every client is important and treated like extended family. Since A-Plus Home care is geared to private care , it gives you the client the advantage of getting your needs met , without limited hours. 

* Quality homemade meals  that are fresh and nutritious. 

* When you need extra attention ,and constant monitoring. During the day or night.

* If you are hospitalized having a your own private care provider to hold your hand and tend to your need when hospital staff is busy with other patients.

* Adapting and changing with you while keeping you safe and organized at home with that special touch.

Questions and Answers

Inquiring about private home care , and it's advantages

  1. Q - What are the advantages of a private home care service , verses community care service? A- The advantages of a private service is that there are no limits to your visits, as opposed to community care service, that limits your hours due to your situation.  Private care can give as much help as you need with the extra special touches to make sure you or your loved one is in good hands.
  2. 2. Q- What is the cost advantage of keeping my loved one in their home, VS. a nursing home ?  A - The advantages are, that when you choose to keep them in their home, they stay more connected to somewhere they are comfortable and familiar with , which is half the battle.  The other is they lower their risks of catching viruses and becoming sick. More privacy and independence . It costs are about the same or lower if able to stay in the home.

  1. 3.- What other benefits in keeping my parents in their home with your service. A - Companionship and constant monitoring of health and well-being when you cannot be there.